Tell us what you think about Summer Leys and Mary’s Lake…what do you like, are there any problems there?


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  • John Abbott8 months ago

    I know Summer Leys quite well but where exactly is Mary's Lake?

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    • Ruth Ward8 months ago

      Mary's Lake is the second lake on the right hand side of Mill Lane going towards Wollaston Mill. As you exit Summer Leys Nature reserve [the exit is near the feeding station] into Mill Lane walk across the road and onto the site of Mary's Lake. The lake was named after a local lady Mary Harper who lived in Mill Lane. There is a public footpath around the lake and even more lakes behind Mary's.

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      • John Abbott7 months ago

        ah I know it! Just didn't know that name. Thanks

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  • David Harris7 months ago

    Love both places, great resources for nature photos, BUT access to Mary's Lake is limited by the locked gate and as a wheelchair user it makes it almost impossible to go there in the chair. Also some of the "kiss gates" around SL need attention, mostly as they are not deep enough - my chair can only just manage, but no-one in a power scooter would be able to use the site. Finally, there is the continuing problem of dog mess. Sorry, but two bins next to the car park and a couple of signs are not enough.

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