Community Panels

Walkers at Nene Park Chris Porsz

Community Panels are being established in key locations to enable local people and those who use a particular site regularly to share their views and ideas with others about how an important place is managed and used.

The first community panel to be established was for the Northampton Washland. This panel met very productively during 2013 and 2014 and produced an action plan for the site. The plan is now being put into action by the Nature Improvement Area partnership. A ‘Friends of Northampton Washland’ group is due to be established soon to enable the discussions to continue. You can join the discussion here, and find out more about the process here.

A community panel for Summer Leys and Mary’s Lake was also established in September 2014, and met during the autumn. The group prepared an Action Plan which is now being implemented by the NIA partners and the local community.

This part of the project was made possible by Sciencewise, and a report of the process was produced: Nene Valley NIA Guidance Document

If you wish to share your views on any location in the Nene Valley please do so through the interactive map or on the discussion pages.


Photo: Walkers at Ferry Meadows, Chris Porsz


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