Photo Competition

Photo Competition

Thank you everyone who entered the Nene Valley photo competition!

You can still go through the process of entering a photo, and people can still vote, but any images submitted or votes cast now will not be eligible.

The winning images are as follows (according to public vote):

Overall winner:

2012-08-16 14.37.59

A curious swan, Nicola Cox


Overall second place:

Nene Valley

Mallard Landscape, Matt Lodge


Under 18 winner:

The Great Wader Returns, Ewan Heath-Flynn

The Great Wader Returns, Ewan Heath-Flynn


Professional winner (several entries with equal scores from the same photographer, including):

Summer Leys Nature Reserve, Louise Frohock

Summer Leys Nature Reserve, Louise Frohock

To view all the entries click here…

Recap of the photo competition rules:

To participate in the photo competition please submit a photograph taken in the Nene Valley to this website. You can do this from the dedicated competition page, or by adding a photo to the interactive map page – please make sure you tick the box to enter your image into the competition.

The website will ask you to mark the location your image was taken, and we will only accept locations within the Nene Valley, shown with a red boundary.

Once you have uploaded an image you can share it with your friends and encourage them to come and vote. The judging for the competition is all by public voting! To vote click on the small heart; the number of votes will be shown next to the heart.

The entrance categories are as follows:

  • Age 12 or under
  • Under 18
  • Adult – Amateur
  • Adult – Professional

You should be considered ‘Professional’ if your main income is from photography.

You will also be asked to categorise your image, but judging will not take place on this basis:

  • Landscapes
  • Wildlife
  • Water
  • People
  • Heritage
  • Built environment


If we are already using one of your images on this website (thank you!) you can still enter it into the competition. A photo must be entered into the competition to be able to receive votes.

Entries into the competition will close on the 30th September 2014. Photos can still be submitted to the website after this time, and we would very much like to see them, but they will not be eligible for entry into the competition. You can enter as may different images as you like. The winning entries will be selected based on the number of votes recorded at 5pm on 30th September.

Voting for images will take place online; anyone can vote by clicking the heart button, but voting will be limited to one vote per person per image. The number of votes will be used to determine the winning images. The three images with the most votes in each entrance category will be put on public display in the Nene Valley during the Nene Valley Festival, which is taking place in autumn 2014. Details of the exhibition will be made available on this website, and photographers of the display images will be contacted. A pair of Opticron binoculars worth £99, sponsored by Opticron and Anglian Water, will be awarded to the photographers of the images ranked first and second during the public voting (no cash alternative is available). If other prizes are secured after the launch of the competition details of them will be added here.

Winners will be notified as soon as possible after the closing date. The winners names will be made available on request. The standard terms and conditions of this website apply. Images that are submitted into the photo competition may be used by any of the NIA partner organisations (see T&Cs for more details).

Any images that are not deemed appropriate will be removed from the competition.

Prizes donated by: Opticron and Anglian Water.

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