River greening in Peterborough

Narrow boat on the river Nene_at dusk, Peterborough Julian Dowse

The NIA River Restoration Advisor is working with Peterborough City Council to improve the habitat of 640m of the vertical concrete bank on the northern side of the River Nene right in the city centre. This will be achieved by placing pre-planted coir (coconut husk fibre) rolls just under the water level. Not only will this enhance habitats for fish, invertebrates and birds, but the whole area will look a lot more attractive for walkers, cyclists and boaters along this section of the river.

It was agreed that in the first instance we would create a 12m-long trial area as a demonstration of the benefits that such works could bring about. This was completed in March 2014. Hopefully PCC will be suitably impressed with the completed works and we will be able to proceed with similar improvements on the remaining 630m of riverbank.


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