National and Local Monitoring & Evaluation Reports published

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DEFRA have released the Monitoring and Evaluation of Nature Improvement Areas Final Report (2012–15), showcasing the achievements of the 12 Nature Improvement Areas established in 2012. Nearly 20,000 hectares of natural habitat have been created, restored or preserved across England over the past 3 years, and volunteers have contributing 47000 days. In a Defra  press release Environment Minister Rory Stewart said “the 12 NIAs have delivered real results for local environments and we must now look to make sure these remarkable results are long lasting and help connect British public with nature”.

The Final Defra M & E report 2012_15 can be downloaded from this website as can the Final Defra M&E ExecutiveSummary 2012_15.

The Nene Valley NIA, as one of the 12 original NIAs has contributed considerably to the outcomes of this report. We have also produced our own Monitoring and Evaluation Report to highlight the successes and achievements the partnership has made. These include informing planning policy, engaging communities, restoring the river, creating wildlife habitat and valuing ecosystem services.

  • For every £1 of funding provided by the government the NIA partnership was able to secure an additional £.4.50 of investment into nature conservation in the Nene Valley, with a total of £3.3m invested over the first three years
  • Nature in the Nene Valley was found to provide £118.7m of benefits per year to the area’s economy
  • The Nene Valley attracts 2.4 million visitors each year with 2,884 of these visits to the Upper Nene Valley Gravel Pits Special Protection Area every day
  • 63,000 hours of volunteer time mobilized through the first three years of the NIA
  • 115 hectares of wildflower meadow created or restored
  • 75 miles of the Rive Nene walked and assessed with 350 projects identified to help improve the River for wildlife


For more details on what we achieved please read our Final Nene Valley M&E Report 2012_15 which can be downloaded from this website.


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