About the Nene Valley NIA

About the Nene Valley NIA

Nene Valley Vision illustration jpeg_FINAL smallerThe Nene Valley Nature Improvement area is re-creating and re-connecting natural areas along the Nene and its tributaries from Daventry to Peterborough. Local organisations and individuals are working together to make a better place for nature. Read all about the project and our achievements in the Nene Valley NIA Booklet and hear about it in this short film produced by University of Northampton students.

The Nene Valley Nature Improvement Area (NIA) will deliver a step change in nature conservation, where local organisations and communities come together with a shared vision for the natural environment. We aim to create more and better-connected habitats over large areas in the Nene Valley, which provide the space for wildlife to thrive and adapt to climate change.

The Nene Valley NIA also helps people as well as wildlife – through enhancing a wide range of benefits that nature provide us, such as recreation opportunities, flood protection, cleaner water and carbon storage. By uniting local communities, landowners and businesses through a shared vision for a better future for people and wildlife, we hope the Nene Valley will become a place of inspiration that is loved by current and future generations.

The Nene Valley is one of 12 NIAs that were selected through a national competition announced in the Natural Environment White Paper in 2011. More information about the competition and the national NIA programme can be found on the Natural England website.

A breeding bird survey was carried out across the Upper Nene Valley Gravel Pits in 2013. Compared to surveys of breeding birds in 2003 this shows a decline in a number of species such as kingfisher, heron and cuckoo. The full report is available:

Nene Valley NIA interim breeding bird survey report 2013

Photo: Ditchford Lakes and Meadows, Henry Stanier (The Wildlife Trust)


Contacts for the Nene Valley NIA are listed below:

Robin Field, NIA Land Advisor

Email: rfield[at]northamptonshire.gov.uk

Tel: 07921 941734

Simon Whitton, NIA River Restoration Advisor

Email: swhitton[at]northamptonshire.gov.uk

Tel: 07909 863963

Heather Webb, NIA Natural Development Officer

Email: hwebb[at]northamptonshire.gov.uk

Tel: 01604 361210

Jim Rouquette, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (Ecosystem Services)

Email: jim.rouquette[at]northampton.ac.uk

Heather Procter, Nene Valley Project Manager

Email: heather.procter[at]wildlifebcn.org

Tel: 01604 774032

There are many different organisations involved in the Nene Valley Nature Improvement Area, including:

Nene Valley Logos_0017_Layer 4

Nene Valley Logos_0000_Environment Agency

Nene Valley Logos_0001_East Northamptonshire Council

Nene Valley Logos_0002_Forestry Commission

Nene Valley Logos_0003_Groundwork Northamptonshire

Nene Valley Logos_0004_NBC

Nene Valley Logos_0005_NCC

Nene Valley Logos_0006_Natural England

Nene Valley Logos_0007_NEP

Nene Valley Logos_0008_North Northamptonshire JPU

Nene Valley Logos_0009_Nene Park Trust Peterborough

Nene Valley Logos_0010_Peterborough City Council

Nene Valley Logos_0011_Peterborough ECT

Nene Valley Logos_0012_Rockingham Forest

Nene Valley Logos_0013_RNRP

Nene Valley Logos_0014_RIver Restoration Centre

Nene Valley Logos_0015_RSPB

Nene Valley Logos_0016_South East Midlands LEP

Nene Valley Logos_0018_UoN Science School

Nene Valley Logos_0019_West N Joint Planning Unit

Nene Valley Logos_0020_Wildlife Trust Beds, Cams, Northamptonshire


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